Engineering calculations related to pneumatic and hydraulic systems and circuits

Please provide detailed answers showing all stages of how to calculate answers for all questions in the worksheet.


1′ A pneumatic system requires ll ayerage delivery votume of 15m3/min free air. Thecompressor is rated to supply zom3lmin FAD and a_working gauge pressure of 6.s bar.The oN/oFF controller turns on at 5 bar and off at 6.5 uar.-oEermine the minimum sizeof compressor receiver if there is an attowabte 15 starts per hour.

2′ Adouble acting’pneumatic cylinder is to be used to- cramp work in a fixture. The requiredclamping force is SkN ano systern grrgl p-r;ure is 5 bar. Taking frictional losses to be57o’ calculate the minimum iylindel oiimeter which could ue useo in this application.


Loose powder is to be loaded from a hopper into a container. To open the hopper door acontainer must first be present (checked iy *”rn* oi a limit
“*it;i;;d either one of two pushbuttons must be actuated’ ]he iropp”l. door shoutd then remain open for five (5) seconds only

again’ The timing #r. rnoud ulginiio* when the door actuator starrs to

Draw a pneumatic circuit that is abre to meet these requirements.


Produce a hydraulic circuit diagram for a system that could operate a door requiring a closingforce of 1 tonne and would *o”* the doori m”tre ;., 10 seconJ=. io, ,nouH include a shortdescription and include caleulations to show evidence that you nrr” .r,o*en an appropriate ftowrate pump to match the actuator- No syste* pr”””ur. is given. io,

choose a pressureto use in your carcutations {between s0 bar

iso n”rr.


Assessment Criteria
P4 – carry out catculations that relate to the fluid power principles used in thedesign of circuits r’eru I’r’rrqt Prllt(;ll
P5 – Produce a circuit diagram to meet a given pneumatic system specification
PG – Produce a circuit diagram to meet a given hydraulic system specification

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