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Alsediqi 1

Mohammad Alsediqi

Professor Creagh

English 101


As an international student from Kuwait, this is my second semester in the university; the excitement of the first semester is over. I was very excited last semester when I joined. The semester was all about learning and discovering new things about it and also about California. However there are a lot of challenges in every school, country and in every aspect of life. Parking is going to be the biggest challenge in an undergraduates life because of the lack of parking space provided.

Parking spaces provided by universities are often not enough for students. Parking is a nightmare in the school’s compound. We pay an amount of money per semester to park our cars, yet the only problem is that it is not available. Either too many students drive to school or the provided parking is not enough. In my university we are provided with three buildings for parking, yet it isn’t enough.

Parking may sound very irrelevant back in Kuwait but then here it is a basic life necessity. I have to get to school an hour or two before every class to be able to find a parking and arrive early to class. Unfortunately, the problem is faced by many students and not me alone. Thus, it is difficult to find a spot to park your car once you leave the school grounds. For example, I am always in a dilemma when I forget something in my residence. For instance, on Tuesday I left some researching materials that I was using for my assignment at my residence. I never drove back home, since I had a class at 2 p.m. and by going back this would relinquish me off my parking space. I had to stay at California State University, Fullerton, without the research materials that I needed until my classes were over. Usually, the secret of survival and parking problems for students like me is to get to school on time and get to school very early so as to get parking. The other alternative is for some students who wait near the elevator for other random students and ask to take care of their car while they are in class, however; I cannot trust people I do not know. The reason is that I do not know who those people are, it’s not only risky but also dangerous and risky. They could be serial killers or thugs or just people with a personality problem.

Parking at the University may be unswervingly influenced by scheduling of classes. Parking demand is very high on Mondays all through to Thursdays, from roughly 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The larger issue on campus may be the high number of traffic hours. I have heard the faculty members and students agreeing that parking has gotten enormously worse in the recent years. Students may also be contributing to the parking issue. A while ago, I saw a parking attendant issue three tickets to some students vehicles that were parked in the ‘faculty’ parking lot. I acknowledge having parked many times in the faculty parking lot earlier, but by then I never knew that it was a ‘staff parking lot’ till I received a ticket. I overlooked the parking areas that are identified with different colors. I admit that I was late for class and I never thought it mattered for that duration of inter session wherever I parked. There is nowhere to park and one ought to come an hour before class to look for an empty space, which is sometimes difficult to find. If faculty or students have a later class, they ought to plan ahead, and if someone knows the time the preceding class starts, then he or she ought to wait around that time to get parking spaces that frees up. This searching for parking spaces becomes expensive to the student since the price of fuel is high; as you rotate around the university to find an empty parking lot, the vehicle consumes so much; hence, higher fuel expenses. Moreover, after searching for an empty space all over the campus, it becomes tiring and time consuming; thus, when you get to class you feel tired and exhausted and concentrating in class becomes difficult.

Miniature changes in the figure of parking spaces may be attributed to gained or lost spaces to correct traffic flow patterns in the parking lots, the provisional use of parking lots for staging structure projects and the enduring loss of these spaces to structure projects has a huge impact on parking. There were one thousand, five hundred and fifty four staff parking spots in 2011, which may be approximately the same amount as last years’ spring semester. This has lead to students seeking parking elsewhere, which is very expensive; for instance, the Marriott Hotel near the university costs 6 $ every day. Parking is always available, but, for a student like me 6 $ is very expensive, especially considering I am a student and I am not earning.

It may be challenging to leave a parking lot because of the elevated student traffic levels in the vicinity of the Nutwood Parking Structure. This has been mainly the challenging part for me and I have been steering clear of that parking lot. Parking lots that may be closest to the campus are mainly impacted by these constructions. I drove by this region recently at about 2 p.m. at some stage in the second week of class and there were (staff and faculty) parking spaces only. This may be termed as discrimination since the faculty and staff may park in student parking lots in addition to lots designated for them. This leaves their parking lots sometimes empty, while us the students have nowhere to park.

In spite of the difficulties that I face as a student with parking, in California State University, Fullerton, The Parking and Transportation Services department may be working in the direction of making parking less stressful at school. This semester, for instance, ‘assisted parking’ has been brought back. An external company has been hired to lend a hand to drivers in parking their cars in the rear others vehicles, otherwise referred to as ‘stacked parking’. This is very dangerous since we don’t know this people.

More parking spaces are vital in the university compound thus we as student want to save on fuel and the energy spent driving around looking for a space. Besides the ‘stacked parking’, the Parking and Transportation Services in the university should also encourage carpooling, car sharing and may be looking into developing bike facilities on campus and especially for those who are citizens, for international students it might take us a longer time since we are yet to develop rapport enough to share this facilities.

Getting rid of too many vehicles and providing common means of transport for lessening the number of vehicles in the area, this shall also be a relief for us all. Our university may be limited in funding for positive projects such as adding additional parking so as to solve the problem of parking in campus. The student body ought to take responsibility for getting these funds to construct new additional parking on campus. The sophomore classes are willing to organise fund raising events to build these additional parking lots on campus. On the other hand, the faculty in exchange ought to offer some enticement for those who contribute. The student ought to be allowed to labor off their volunteer-work hours to participate in these fund raising events. This would also provide students with vehicles to have the ability to improve their lives on campus.

Finally, there may be a need to create extra parking on campus made for all the people in campus; whether visiting the campus or for us students. Not just parking but safe and secure parking. This saves energy, fuel, time and gives one a peace of mind. In my opinion, raising funds and awareness will help with this problem so we can get the extra parking space we need.

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