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The ethical difference that surprised me between my home country and my host country were the ethical rules of greetings and introductions.  In the United Stats it is common courtesy to look at your associate directly in the eye when speaking to them; in China it is customary for the associate to look down and not to make eye contact with your associate.  In the United States this gesture is considered rude, and in China direct eye contact is considered rude it is a sign of respect in China when the Chinese look to the ground when speaking with someone. If a person from another country is not familiar with this custom, he or she may be offended when speaking with a Chinese person and a Chinese person may be offended by another culture when he or she looks them in the eye when speaking.  I found this as a surprise, because I have always been told when you are looking at someone when he or she is speaking that means you have their undivided attention.


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