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Hello Class,Please read the ENTIRE description of this assignment. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in Week 6 question thread if anything is unclear!

The goal of this checkpoint is to have you prepare for the final project. You are asked to use the following questions for your interview which is for the Final Project (taken from Appendix A under Materials). YOU ARE NOT BEING ASKED TO COMPLETE THE INTERVIEW THIS WEEK. For the final project you will ask your interviewee the 9 questions below. Please add one more of your own for a total of 10 questions. To be prepared for Week 9…… to receive full points on your final project the interviewee will need to take the Myers Briggs test. You can find a variation of this test online at http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp
. Feel free to find your own test online. You will probably want to send a link to the interviewee to complete ahead of time.

1. Does the interviewee remember information more accurately if he/she observes the behavior being performed, or does he/she prefer to read how the behavior is performed?

2. Does the interviewee prefer studying in a library, or at home where there are background noises and some distractions?

3. Has the person you are interviewing taken the Myers Briggs test?

4. Does your interviewee feel these results are accurate? Why or why not? (Please record the results)

5. Which experiences does this person feel contributed most in the development of his/her personality?

6. Does this person feel that he/she is self-monitoring in regards to his/her attitudes? How or how not?

7. What does the interviewee feel was the strongest influence on his/her attitudes?

8. What role does your interviewee feel a person’s race, gender, or ethnicity play when forming that person’s personality and attitudes?

9. Does this person feel he/she is better at tasks when intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated?

10. Add one of your own.

Week6 CheckPoint- Interview Outline Rubric



Points EarnedXX/10


Points EarnedXX/10



Due Wednesday, March 13th

Points Earned


Answer the question….Who is your interviewee? Describe your relationship to them (will not accept children). Interviewee needs to be of similar age (up to a difference of 7 years).


10 Points

List your interview questions. Please cut and paste the above questions and include 1 of your own.


10 Points

Please include a scanned attachment with a statement from interviewee acknowledging their participation in the interview. ****This may be in the form of aforwarded email, saved as a Word document, from the interviewee or a screen shot put in a Worddocument OR you can have your interviewee email me directly. It must clearly show the date sent and the sender’s address and not be simply typed by you. 10 points

A sample statement may be… I _____(interviewee)__________am giving _____(student name)______________permission to interview me for their Final Project in Introduction to Behavioral Sciences at UOP Online. Please include a date.


30 Points

Points Earned



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