do power point for communication class

i want you to do a power point for my persuasive speech presentation it is for 6-7 minutes

The topic is ( Does the media give women unattinable idea of beauty )

and take the information from the outline i attached

as what i said in the outline in the introduction i will show vedio so find vedio fit with my topic and i will end it with quote

do the best you can

use simple words

use this the down organizition becouse i use them for the outline.

 (Monroe’s Motivated Sequence)

so this presentaion is for persuasive speech. it should be efective on the audience.

please use simple words dont make too long or too short make it for 6-7 minutes presentation

its due after 24 houres


Alluhaydan 1

Reem Alluhaydan

Prof, Jee young

Comm 1010

April 15, 2013



Attention Getter
: The beginning of my presentation I plan on showing a small video clip on the perception the media has on what makes a beautiful woman. I will provide the actual facts and numbers of how many women in America actually look like this and if what the media thinks a beautiful women is, is healthy.

thesis statement
for this presentation is the main stream media is very influential on what people believe beauty to be; therefore the media needs to present a full and realist picture of what a healthy beautiful woman is.

In referring to the audience
I will show a picture of what the media thinks “is beautiful” and what the realistic version is. I will ask without telling the audience which picture belongs to which what they think is beautiful.

c. I will address my
main points
which include:

· Revealing the false beliefs media has on women.

· Addressing the issues women develop trying to fit the mold media sets out for women.

· Explaining what a healthy, beautiful woman would look like and that each woman is different so she doesn’t need to fit a specific mold.

d. I will provide very highly qualified resources that are qualified in this particular area. I will cite and provide factual evidence for each resource used in my presentation.

The transitional process will be to show some very irrational pictures of women and open up a discussion form there. The facts will be given in body one of how unachievable the selected body type would be and how media lies bold face to women.

Body 1

In referring to the audience
I will check for understanding throughout my presentation. I am aware the audience needs to see the facts on what the average body type of America is. If women looked like Barbie Dolls what would we really be looking like.

I will address the problem by
incorporating real life stories of women who faced deep depression and eating disorders trying to fit the mold of a perfect woman.

To support the information

· I uncover truth about media and magazine covers finding out if women naturally look that way or if editing took place.

· Use factual evidence from real life women.

· Get the basic stats for the average women in America.

Body 2

In referring to the audience
I will ask if anyone has a personal story they would like to share.

Addressing the problem will include
stories of how women specifically models overcame the struggle of trying to fit the mold media places on women.

Supporting Evidence

This is where I will show pictures of what used to be considered beautiful and how the media has construed that view.

· I will ask average women what they believe to be beautiful and incorporate the audience in this activity.

· I will discuss ways that we as women can overcome this stereotype and what ways we can feel good about ourselves.

· I will find factual evidence from doctors sharing what they have found to be healthy for each woman’s individualized body type.

I will play a short clip for the class.

Body 3

Addressing Audience
I will talk about some serious situations where women were close to taking their life because they didn’t feel beautiful and ask for a response from the audience.

Addressing problem by
examining women in the media and look for positive role models that the nation’s woman should look up to.

Supporting evidence

· Will continue to ask the audience questions and have them share stories that may have been happened to them that relates to my topic.

· I will propose my solution and talk about the advantages it has on helping women and address and try and solve any skepticism around my proposal.

· I want to show some more pictures and clips for the closing part of my presentation.

· I also want to implement some strong quotes that will be hard hitting to my audience and get them to think about what I just said.

My final transition will be a person quote from me on how I define beauty for myself and being from another country if it also is an issue there.

Body 4

My call for action will be a challenge for all the women to not try and emulate what they see on TV but rather be their healthy, their beautiful. I challenge them to say one beautiful thing about them that the media doesn’t define as beautiful. My source of action is to educate my audience on the truth about media influences and the irrational view it has on women.


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