Do a quick critique on 6 memorandums

Assignment is due April 4, 8:00 PM eastern time (about 2 hours 40 minutes from now)


Task:  Do a quick critique on the attached 6 memorandums.  Just write the good and bad things down in 1 Word Document, separated by peer number.


Critiques are to be short, and to the point.  Needs to start and end with at least 1 good thing.  An example format for a critique is below:


Good opening paragraph stating why you are interested in the job.The letter needs to be addressed to someone. Find out who is in charge of hiring and write the letter to them.1st paragraph is too long. It only needs to be that you learned about the position and you are interested in it.The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are duplicating your resume. The parts describing about what you did in your HR job need to be in the resume.Avoid asking for an interview in the form of a question in your closing paragraph. You said your resume demonstrates your drive, ability, and capacity but you didn’t include it. Remember to put “Enclosed: resume”Excellent job following the application letter format. Remember to use correct spacing.


Sam Miller

Chief International Officer, FlyBo Motor Co., Ltd.

Karla Smith

International Trade Manager, FlyBo Motor Co., Ltd.

April 1, 2013

Memo of Understanding – Western Sahara job assignment

The purpose of this research project is to build insight on the cultural differences between individuals here in the United States and those in Western Sahara. This information will help develop growth in the Western Sahara production plant by educating management on how to better build relationships with employees and customers in that area.

Statement of the Problem

This project is needed because the production plant in Western Sahara is not running up to its potential. FlyBo Motor Co. expects that cultural differences between the staff sent from the United States and the local hired employees are creating barriers. It is our hope that by understanding these differences we can eliminate these barriers.

Sources and Methods of Data Collection

I plan to gather as much information as I can about our local employees there at the Western Sahara production plant. I have scheduled a telephone conference with the current General Manager at the production plant so that we can share information about the current situations and what information he has gained. I am currently researching the Sahrawis culture online, the major ethnic group of the Western Sahara. I have also begun learning the Hassaniya dialect and plan to be fluent when I leave in two months.

Preliminary Outline, Topics to Investigate

1. Language Barriers

· Spoken communication

· Non-verbal gestures

· behaviors

2. Appearances

· In US Culture

· In the culture of the Sahrawis

3. How business is generally conducted in US and Western Sahara

· Differences

· Similarities

4. Values we hold in US

· Differences

· Similarities


To: Primary Audience

From: Management 309 Student

Date: March 15, 2013

Subject: Memo of Understanding – United States vs. Belize

The purpose of this project is to determine the differences in the country I was born in and a country of my choosing. I hope to provide you with an idea of how different it is in other countries. I will be providing information on their economy, culture, and overall way of life.

The extreme differences in countries across the world have never been more prevalent. The US is becoming farther and farther distanced from any other country in terms of its economy and culture.

Primary Audience: Manager

Secondary Audience: All other employees

The study will be the differences between the two countries. What does the economy look in in one versus the other, how we’ve come to be so different, and what is each one doing wrong. I will also look at each countries cultural differences to determine why they are so different.

1. What is the current shape of the economy

a. Gross GDP

b. Average Income

c. Tourist Income

2. What is the culture like?

a. Number of males vs. females

b. Literacy

c. Education

d. Religion

I will use research conducted online through each countries government pages. I will also use articles found in regards to each country’s economic and cultural issues.

To: Employer
From: Employee
Date: April 1, 2013
Subject: Memo of Understanding – Research Project Name
The purpose of this project is to inform my boss of what I have learned about the Country that I will hopefully be working in and living in (China)

Statement of the Problem
I will list the reasons that I studied the different cultural elements and how they are different and similar to ours. I will also include how I will use this knowledge to better prepare myself for the experience.
-what is considered polite and impolite in the country
-what is expected of a stranger
-how do I show respect

Audience & Roles & Responsibilities
My primary audience is my immediate employer and his board could be a secondary audience. I therefore will use the direct approach to aim my writing directly at him.

Scope of Work & Preliminary Outline
Must include at lease 1 table and a cite from both “Kiss Bow or Shake Hands” and “The Three Keys.”
Research element 1 (culture)
Research element 2 (values)
Research element 3 (thinking style)
Preliminary Outline, Topics to Investigate
I will investigate and gather as much information as possible. I must sort the information as I collect it and then form a well written report for my employer.

Sources & Methods of Data Collection
Internet, UNCG library (Mr. Steve Cramer), Greensboro Library, *Business man from chosen country (China)



Michael Scott

From: Pam Beasly

Date: March 30, 2013

Subject: Memo of Understanding – Morocco Assignment

The purpose of this project is to prepare myself for relocation to Morocco. It will address the many cultural differences I will encounter and how I plan to acclimate myself to a foreign country.

Statement of the Problem

Relocating to Morocco will provide unique challenges, so I must thoroughly research the culture I am about to immerse myself in. I will familiarize myself with Morocco’s cultural norms, which will contribute to the success of this new business endeavor.

Audience & Roles & Responsibilities

Primary Audience: my employer, Michael Scott

· This project will show that I am serious about the success of this overseas assignment

Secondary Audience: coworkers who may be relocated to Morocco in the future

· This project could serve as a guide for others as they prepare for other foreign assignments

Scope of Work & Preliminary Outline

This project will focus on four aspects of Moroccan culture; communication, values, etiquette, and way of life. It will address common cultural norms and will serve as a “good to know” guide as I depart for Morocco.

Preliminary Outline, Topics to Investigate

1. Communication

a. Language

b. Common greetings

c. Non-verbal gestures

2. Values

a. Strong family emphasis

b. Hshuma – the concept of shame

c. Islam religion

3. Etiquette

a. Business meetings

b. Gifts

c. Dining

4. Moroccan Way of Life

a. Place of women in culture

b. Quality of life

c. Education

Sources & Methods of Data Collection

The majority of demographic and cultural information will be drawn from UNCG’s online library. Steve Cramer, business librarian at UNCG, has compiled a vast pool of resources. In addition, I will draw from an interview with Yassine Zourgani, who will provide valuable cultural insight from his childhood in Morocco. I will refer to Mark Alan Clouse and Michael D. Watkins’ article, “Three Keys to Getting an Overseas Assignment Right” for further clarity on this new endeavor.


Start Complete

Define Purpose and Scope 03/27/13 03/31/13

Gathering Information 04/01/13 04/05/13

Draft on Research Report 04/01/13 04/08/13

Video Report on Research 04/09/13 04/15/13

Revising Draft/Editing 04/15/13 04/20/13

Submit Final Report 04/21/13

To: Jane Smith
From: Jane Doe
Date: April 1, 2013
Subject: Research Project Approach
After being assigned to take over our office in New Zealand, I feel it is necessary to do research to prepare myself for the culture change. I plan to thoroughly investigate the cultural differences between the United States and New Zealand. By precise organization and preparedness, I will be able to successfully transition to New Zealand.
I will need to do a great deal of research to make sure I am successful in New Zealand. I will begin by researching the following areas to better understand the culture:
• Introductions & Greetings
• Visuals & symbols
• Non-verbals
• Slang expressions and technical jargon
• Appearances.
• Language differences
• Values
• Etiquette & gifts
By understanding these key aspects of the culture, I will be able to adapt. I plan to take the advice from the article “Three Keys to Getting an Overseas Assignment Right”. I plan to read as much as I can, identify local consultants, start learning the language, develop a hypothesis about the situation I’m entering, and consult with you as much as possible. Once I get to the New Zealand office I will diagnose the situation, establish what direction is needed, fix systems, and encourage the development of talent that is located there.
This assignment will be a great success through understanding, being prepared and open-minded. I look forward to the challenges ahead and have great confidence in the desired outcomes.
Should you have any further inquiries, please contact me at




Mark Johnson

From: John Doe

Date: April 1, 2013

Subject: Memo of Understanding – Research and readiness to work in Warsaw, Poland

I have recently learned about my promotion to a general store manager of Best Buy in Warsaw, Poland. Since I will have to relocate in less than 3 months, I immediately began research of the country and city that will be my home for the next 3 years.

Since it will be my first overseas assignment, I am fully aware that my research is vital to my successful transition. According to Mark Clouse’s article there are three keys to a successful work-related move overseas. Following these steps is crucial to establish a smooth transition.

The three keys are:

1. Establish the family foundation first.

2. Build credibility and openness from the start.

3. Get serious about compliance.

I also plan to research the following subjects to learn about Poland:

· Culture

· Corporate culture

· Communication styles in business

· Non-verbal communication (gestures, facial expression, etc…)

· Appropriate business and non-business dress code

· Language

· Cuisine

· Family and social life

I will use the Internet and by finding related books and periodicals in public libraries. I will contact Mr. Steve Cramer, our business librarian. I will use Mark Clouse’s article.

I will start gathering my information immediately. I plan to contact Mr. Cramer by Wednesday. The next step will be to analyze and organize my information and have a draft ready on Monday, April 8. After peer critiques to revise my draft, my final research will be ready on Monday, April 22.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 123-456-7890 or by email


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