CSC113————Introduction to Python Programming

Your assignment is about data types, variables, operators, expressions, control flow and loops

  1. Read the chapters 4, 5, 6 in the online book: A Byte of Python (in the background materials). Pay particular attention to indentation, syntax, and so on. Much can be learned by studying examples. You are to run all the examples in the Python IDLE Editor.
  2. Read from the “Instant Hacking” reference in the background materials of the headings of “Loops” and run all the examples and exercise 2 in Python IDLE editor.

When you’ve done, insert all of the various program files into a single zip file. Include a brief summary document in Word which explains what you have accomplished.

SLP assignment expectations:

  • Provide all the required program files.
  • Provide a brief summary document discussing what you have accomplished
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