Case assignment: your assignment is about Object Oriented Programming, and the petty cash program.


  1. Read chapter 11 from A Byte of Python, a reference in the background materials. Code all the examples and exercises in Python IDLE and successfully run them
  2. Do the following exercise on the petty cash system described below:

Petty Cash System

You’ve been given an assignment by your supervisor to program a small application to monitor the current status of the cash account in the firm’s petty cash fund (the amount of cash kept on hand in the office for incidental purchases). The requirements for the program are to allow users to input the amount of cash deposited, the amount of cash withdrawn and to get a report of the balance at any given time. You will need to also add the date of each deposit and the date of each withdrawal and provide a date with the balance returned upon a given query. The program should be able to provide a printed report and support a command line query.

You are to use the object oriented properties of Python to accomplish this task.

Here are some hints to get you started:

  • First, define a class. The example below is just an example that defines a class named Account, you will need to enhance it to make it more realistic.

class Account:def __init__(self, initial): self.balance = initialdef deposit(self, amt): self.balance = self.balance + amtdef withdraw(self,amt): self.balance = self.balance – amtdef getbalance(self): return self.balance

  • Using a, the sample class above:

a = Account(1000.00) a.deposit(550.23) a.deposit(100) a.withdraw(50) print a.getbalance()

Write a program to accomplish the above requirements. Of course you will need to add the features to accept input, print output, and so on as indicated. Run and debug the program.

Add all the Python files above to a zip file. Also add a one page discussion of your experiences to the zip file.

Once you have finished with this example, please enhance it further by adding the date of transaction information: date of deposit, date of withdrawals, date of balance query and so on. The idea is that for every request there should be the historical date when the deposit/withdrawal occurred and the query date. Also setup a loop so that you can continuously, if desired, accomplish additional transactions. Integrate this with the Petty Cash System program. Run and debug it.

Case assignment expectations:

  • You should use the object oriented properties of Python to accomplish the required task.
  • Write the a program to accomplish the above requirements..
  • Adding features to accept input, print output, and so on as indicated. Run and debug the program.
  • Write a 2 pages paper discussing your experience.

When you have finished the exercises, upload the zip file to coursenet.

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