Financial Statement Analysis

You will now comment on the results of the analysis you carried out inM2: Assignment 1. In addition, you will refer to the benchmark data you collected in M1: Assignment 2.

In order to adequately assess how a hospital is performing, it is imperative that the performance of the hospital be compared to the performance of its peers as well as the industry in which it competes. In this assignment, you will use the benchmark data and the results of its peers to assess SMH’s performance.

A key element of an organization’s success is its ability to generate the resources needed to meet its mission. The primary resource needed is cash. Many of the elements embedded within the financial statement are analyses related to cash availability and cash collection. There are several primary sources of cash for a hospital. These include patient revenue, investment income, debt, and contributions—in the case of an NFP.

For this assignment, you will write a report that evaluates the resources of the SMH. Does SMH have the necessary resources to fulfill its mission?

Your paper should also address how SMH compares to the FP and NFP facilities you selected. Is SMH in a better position to meet its mission as compared to the other facilities? In addition, as a manager you should also look at resources not identified in financial statements. How do these resources impact the ability of SMH to fulfill its mission?

Write a 3- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word format. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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