Constitutional RIghts

The constitutional rights of prisoners may be held in abeyance during the time they are on probation or parole. They do not have the opportunity to interact with others who are also on probation and parole. The inmate, although on probation or parole, is still under the care, control, and custody of the department of corrections. One of the stipulations of his or her parole may be to refrain from interaction or contact with any other person who is a known felon. Why? What if this person was a family member? Why can some material that would normally be forbidden under the exclusionary rule be used to return a prisoner to prison or jail? See for example 
Pennsylvania Board of Probations vs. Scott. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. 


3-4 pages


Using the library, Internet, or any other available materials, discuss the controversy about having male officers within a female prison setting. One side of the argument states that males should not be officers in a female correctional setting because of the problems with privacy and the abuse of power, resulting in pregnancy. Furthermore, female officers in male prisons could cause problems with privacy. Do you believe that male prisons should only have male officers and female prisons only have female officers? Why or why not? What might be some problems? What might be some advantages? Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


3-4 paragraphs

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