Complete the activities in the attachment.

Complete the two activities below:

Activity 1

Application Letter and Resume

In this activity, you will prepare a letter of application for a job and a resume.

1. Identify a job for which you are qualified. Identify at least one organization where a position is open for the job you have chosen or there is some possibility that such a job might become available.

2. Prepare a letter of application to an organization where the job you seek exists. If a job opening currently exists, apply for that particular job. If not, express your interest in working for the company in the position you have chosen. Ask to be considered when an opening becomes available.

3. Prepare a resume to include with your letter resume. Include complete information for three references on a separate page attached to the resume.

Activity 2

Letter of Resignation

You have worked for Hinkle Trucking as an administrative assistant for four years. You have accepted a new job, and you must resign from your current position.

1. Write a letter of resignation to your manager, Mr. Juan Alverez. Use the current date for your letter and make the date of your resignation two weeks from today. The company address is 24 Motor Way, Ferguson, KY 42502-0024.

2. Because this is a personal business letter, print the letter on plain paper. Include your return address on the two lines above the letter date. Assume your address is 34 Apple Street, Ferguson, KY 42502-8834. Format the letter in block style with open punctuation.

3. Review your letter for the five Cs of effective correspondence. Remember to use the you approach. Proofread carefully and correct all errors.

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