Complete a speech planning document about the report

Due April 15 1:30 PM Eastern Time


Complete the speech planning document about the report in the link.  The Speech planning document is called “Communication strategy worksheet” and insturctions on how to fill it out are also attached.


The report to fill out the speech planning on: xb 

The speech should be 2 minutes.  Please fill out the speech planning based on that time limit.  Also, focus on the important aspects of the report.  It is about how communication is different in Poland.  For example, you can leave out the parts about cuisine.


Communication Strategy Worksheet

Stage One: Planning a Message


Describe them.




Narrow your possibilities.


What emotion is the audience’s take away?


Written: letter, email, memo, etc.? Verbal: face-to-face, phone, etc.?


Direct or Indirect


Purpose statement/preview statement/scope/attention getting statement


List the points you need to make, then group/rank them in paragraph order.


Close it how.


More than narration. Brain is 30% to visual processing.

1.  Who is your audience?  Describe them.

2.  What is your purpose?  You have to sure of your needs and intended outcomes, as your message needs to be created to achieve this purpose.

3.  What is your focus?  Your story?  On every topic, there is lots and lots of information.  In order to be interesting, keep your audience’s attention, you need to create the context, the focus…the story.

4.  Included in creating the story, is the decision of the emotion.  What emotions do you want your audience to feel?  Is there more than one emotion – from what feeling to what feeling?

5.  What format is appropriate for your message?  Letter, memo, email, phone, voice mail, video, face-to-face, meeting, etc.?

6.  What is the approach?  Direct (stating the purpose in the opening) or indirect (presenting the evidence first).

7.  Brainstorm the introduction.  It’s the most critical aspect.  You need to get their attention in order to maintain their attention.

8. List the body points.  Then group the points into like-kind groups. Eventually these items equate to headings or perhaps paragraphs.

9.  Brainstorm your conclusion.  What do you want them to remember? What is the feeling you want them to take with them when they leave?

10.  What visuals help tell your story?

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