CMIS PAPER Phyliis Young

cmis document is posted with instructions.  Phyllis Young



In this short research paper, you will investigate the evolution of and current trends in improving system performance with
all 4
of the following concepts: 1) RISC, 2) pipelining, 3) cache memory, and 4) virtual memory.  As part of your conclusion, explicitly state the concept or approach that seems most important to you and explain your selection.  A minimum of two references is required for this paper. At least one article should be from a peer-reviewed journal. Be sure to evaluate the content you find there for authority, accuracy, coverage, and currency.


Submission of Paper


Submit your paper as a Word document in your Assignments folder. I will pay a great deal of attention to your thesis statement, the concise but logical flow of your information, your conclusion, and your grammar and syntax. I recommend that you go to the Online Writing Guide and submit your paper to the Writing Center before posting it in your Assignments folder.


Submitted papers that show evidence of plagiarism will be given a score of zero.


Your paper should have no spelling or grammatical mistakes, and the construction should be logical and easy to read. These are research papers, and should not contain colloquial or slang expressions. Provide a reference list at the end of the paper. Use a minimum of two outside references.


Your papers are due by midnight, EST, on the date posted in the class schedule. Late papers will be accepted up until the end of the semester with no penalties.


Format and length


Your paper should be written using APA style. It should be no more than five pages long, but no less than three pages long. The font size should be 12 point, with one-inch margins and double spacing.


Grading Criteria


This activity counts for 20 percent of the total grade in the course. The total number of points for this activity will be set to 100. The weight in the grade book will be set to 20 percent. Elements of the paper will be assessed as follows:


Content: 60 points

Grammar/syntax: 20 points

Correct citations: 10 points

Format and length: 10 points

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