chicano studies


1. Mexicans are strictly people from Mexico.(T/F)

2. The son mexicano was imported from Mexico.(T/F) T

3. The son mexicano is a broad musical category with characteristics such as

(a) improvisation (b) syncopation (c) complex strumming (d) a,b and c

4. The son jarocho is not truly a from of son mexicano (T/F)

5. The terms, son jarocho and son huasteco, refer to the same type of music. (T/F)

6. The son de mariachi is from the central area of Mexico.(T/F)

7. Chicano performers of the son mexicano do not exist? ((T/F)

8. Conjunto Hueyapan and Mariachi Cobre are ensembles from Mexico. (T/F)

9. The harp and the 8-string jarana are instruments found in the son de mariachi. (T/F)

10. The son mexicano and canción mexicana are one in the same. (T/F)


The Chicano Movement did little for the spread of Mexican music in the U.S. (T/F)

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