Can you write me a myth based off of this?Myth Writing

Can you write me a myth based off of this?Myth Writing
Topic: Why are there stars and the moon in the sky?
Characters: Lord Theo(King of Krysil Village), Zaria(Goddess of love and beauty), Seth(Evil God), villagers

Plot: Every time a great person dies, there soul gets captured and then casted into the sky, creating a star. The idea of this, all started when Lord Theo was told to do something very evil by the evil god Seth or else his beautiful wife Zaria(creator of love) would be destroyed and there would be no more love in the world.
Problem and Solution:
Seth wanted power of the largest, most powerful village of all, Krysil Village. He only wanted it because somewhere in the land, beheld a capsule of immortal blood. The only way to get the capsule, was to be permitted on the land, if Seth tried to enter Krysil he would be turned into dust instantly because evil was not accepted there unless it was owned by evil it self. Seth demanded Lord Theo to give him Krysil Village or else he would kill Zaria. Lord Theo loved his wife Zaria and everything she did for the world, creating love, peace, respect and forgiveness. He did not want it all to end, but he didn’t want to hand over the land because once Seth got a hold of the immortal blood, he would be turning the whole world evil, and no one would be able to defeat him because of his immortality. Lord Theo knew that no matter what his decision was, everything would turn out horribly, so decided he was going to try and destroy Seth, which would be hard because, Seth way extremely powerful, he could create all kinds of storms and was the god of darkness and mischief.

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