Business Management Paper

   In this paper, students write about the key concepts you have learned in the areas listed below. This final project is designed to see if you understand the overall business concept and the integration of the many disciplines and functions that businesses require. I am particularly interested in seeing if the student understands the organization as a system and how that is integrated with the human side of management, That topic can best be answered by researching W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge. 

  • ·         The dynamic business environment


  • ·         Critical business functions


  • ·         The integration of individuals and systems


  • ·         The ethical and social responsibilities that confront a business


Required Elements to include in the Final Project:


Identify the key concepts associated with the areas listed above

·                  Explain why you believe these are the key concepts in each of the areas listed above

·                  Integrate theories, models and concepts learned from the textbook and course materials in making your arguments.

·                  It is a plus if you also use our library journals to explain or support the points you make.


Required Formatting of Paper:

·         This report should be double spaced, 12-point font, and four to five pages in length excluding the title page and reference page.

·         Use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference page.  You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes are used and found to be unnecessary.

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