The purposes of the book review are (1) to extend your knowledge, (2) to encourage to you explore a topic that interests you, and (3) to stimulate a critical attitude toward what you read. (Note: “Critical” does not automatically mean “negative;” it means “characterized by careful evaluation and judgement.”)




Components of the book should have:

Developing and communicating a vision

Setting Goals and Objectives

Motivating Self and Others

Designing and Organizing

Managing Execution and Driving for Result


Write a review of the book you have read consisting of two parts, an abstract and an appraisal. The appraisal is the more important part. Follow this outline:


A. An abstract (500 words or less) should describe succinctly the author’s purpose, methods, and major findings. Do not give your opinions in this section. Use the following paragraph headings:

: For a book, give the author (last name first), title, place of publication, publisher’s name, and date of publication.


Purpose : State the objective of the book briefly.

: Describe the approach taken.

Major Findings
: List the significant points briefly in sentence form.


B. An appraisal (approximately 500 words) should give your reactions and relate the book to other readings and your own experience. Your task is to compare the author’s efforts to his or her purpose and then evaluate the result. You should be concerned with how well the article relates to the real world. Avoid summarizing what the author wrote. Present your analysis of his or her ideas. Make your own judgments, support your comments, and defend them. To the best of your ability, support your statements with references and/or experience.



Weight: The book review is worth 100 points toward your final grade.

Grade Criteria: Your grade will be based on how well you summarize the author’s work, how carefully you evaluate the author’s positions, and how well you state and support your judgments. The appraisal is the most important part of the review.


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