Bias in intelliegence tests enclose your resources you used send them to me

To receive full credit, assignment must be doubled spaced, 12 point font, 2 pages, and turned in by due date. Proper grammar and English must be used.  Please have someone proof read your paper in order to catch errors, and do not change the default margin settings.


Do a broad Internet search using an engine such as Google to identify sources of information about bias in intelligence testing. Select three of these that look like they might have reputable information. This is a difficult judgment call, but one guideline to use is to elect sites with the three-letter extension of edu, org, or gov. Skim over the information presented on each of your three sites. Take notes on the kind of information that is being presented, any bias that the author might have (if that is apparent) and the arguments for, or against, testing that you find.

Write a brief summary of the information, including your thoughts about the reliability of the sources. Has your research influenced your thinking about intelligence testing? Include your opinion in your paper.s


You must send me back the email link, download, or copy of the reference that was used for your research.. remember to enclose your opinion on the topic/s and cite your quotes and send me back the resources that you used!!!!

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