Assignment 2 (20%) No more than three pages (Font 12)- Due Date 25th March

Assignment 2 (20%) No more than three pages (Font 12)- Due Date 25th March
Chapter 5- Understanding others
Write a brief paper answering the following question: How can you intentionally use Hoopes’s Intercultural Learning Process Model in your own leadership development with the outcome of becoming a pluralistic leader? What actions or activities of your own would move you through Hoopes’s stages to the multicultural stage? (10%)

Chp 6: Leading with Integrity and Moral Purpose: Write about an ethical dilemma or moral temptation you faced at some point in your life .You should describe the dilemma, identify the paradigm being challenged, and describe the principles used in resolving the dilemma (eg ethical dilemmas in choices: justice versus mercy; individual versus community; long-term versus short-term; truth versus loyalty) (5%)

Chapter 7-Interacting in Teams and Groups
Meet with your group, team, or class and work to develop a mission statement of what it means to be part of your particular team. What are the norms of your group? What stage of group development have you or are you currently experiencing? Be sure to include concepts from the chapter. (5%)

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