Asia Business class

Asia Business Spring 2013 Take Home Midterm

Here are 3 items. Respond to any two.

Your answers to each question should be 4 pages long (double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman, 1-inch margins) for a maximum of 8 pages.

Your paper is due in class in hardcopy on Wednesday 3 April at 8am. Be sure to sign your paper with “My Own Work”. Be sure to post an insurance copy on the course Blackboard site.* NO LATE PAPERS.

1. Using the insights provided by the Hall “High Context-Low Context” and the Hofstede International Business Dimension frameworks, where did Jack Wadsworth of Morgan Stanley go wrong?

2. James McGregor writes, “Two hundred years of foreign domination and duplicity have left a residue of suspicion and distrust. Understanding that history is essential to doing business with the Chinese.” What exactly is McGregor referring to? Do you agree with his view?

3. According to Schuman, what are the factors that led to the “Asian miracle”? Do you agree? Explain. Would Mahbubani and Kurlantzick agree or disagree with Schuman?

· POSTING TO BLACKBOARD: Log into our Blackboard site, and click on “Course Documents”. Scroll to the item “Posting your take home midterm” and click on that. You will find a link that will allow you to upload your exam paper. Be sure to click “Submit”.


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