Argumentative Essay- Internet hacking and cyber warfare

Assessment : Argumentative Essay


Q. That governments need to do more to safeguard the internet from hacking and cyber warfare because such activity threatens access for all users





This is an individually prepared assessment task. In this assessment task you are required

to argue both points of view (for one of the three approved topics) in a written assessment

known as an argumentative essay. Your submission must present a clear and logical

argument, be 2000 words in length and cite at least eight quality references to justify each of

your key points.



This assessment task must be completed individually. It should be 2000 words in length

(excluding the reference list) and provide Harvard format references for at least eight quality

references that are cited appropriately within the body of your essay.

Your work should contain a maximum of three direct quotations (each no greater than two to

three sentences long in length). You should aim to paraphrase sources, writing the essay in

your own words and including citations and corresponding reference list entries to

demonstrate research.


You must include an appropriate introduction to the topic to provide context for the reader

and outline the point of view that you will be arguing in the essay. The body of your essay

must present both sides of the argument. It should conclude with a summary of key points,

reiterating the point of view you support and summarising why you have taken this position.

The essay should be written in the third person (e.g. do not use I, we or our). You should

write in simple, professional business language. As noted in the marking criteria overleaf,

marks are awarded for structure, clear and valid arguments, quality of research and overall

presentation. The criteria awards up to a total of twenty five marks which equates to twenty

five per cent of the final unit assessment.


Plagiarism can be Up to 15%

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