Any Topic Paper (Science related)

1.Paper will report on and expand a recent (published Jan1, 2011) key paper containing scientific content that is of your interest.


2.Paper has to contain at least 2500 – 3000 words of main body text


3. Turn-it-in plagiarism checker will be used on every paper. SO DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. 


4.  Content and Headings needs to be as follow.



This section should be comprised of a description of the topic you are addressing and its significance.  Especially emphasize the chemistry involved.



What solution(s) to the problem are proposed in the key paper?    



What solutions have others proposed?



What solutions have others proposed? 




Use ACS or MLAstyle to cite 5-8 sources.= Journals or published books 

(Website are NOT acceptable, but web versions of real journals are allowed)

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