6-7 pages Ethnic Studies paper

Requirements for the paper are the following:

it must be typed in Times, 12 point font,

and be double-spaced, justified, and include page numbers at the bottom. You do not 

need to submit a cover page for your assignments, but each assignment should have your 4

name and date on the top of the first page. Your paper should be 6-7 pages and, 

additionally, must also include citations and references. I expect final papers to be proof 

read and free from grammatical errors. For bibliography and in-text citation, you can 

choose the American Psychological Association (APA) guide or the Modern Language 

Association (MLA) guide to write your papers—however, be consistent with the style 

you chose. You can find more information and direction for these guides here: 

http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ .Your paper will be graded on the 

following: grammar, organization, meeting paper requirements, use of scholarly sources, 

history of the film, context in which the film was produced, and analysis of the aspects of 

the film you are focusing on.


Paper instruction:

You will write one research paper focusing on cinematic representations of

race relations/racism in (and/or related to) the U.S. is required for the course. In the 

paper, you critically analyze the way race relations/people of color/racism are presented 

by closely focusing on one or two commercial films of your choice. Each paper should 

focus on a specific topic/theme that concerning race relations/people of color/racism. 

Your critical analysis could focus on a character(s), theme(s), and/or the film(s) itself. 

For example, you can focus on the representation of Latinas in two contemporary film, 

family relationships among African Americans in one film, interracial romance between 

whites and Native Americans in two films, etc. Also, your paper should draw upon 

theories or important concepts presented in the course as well as the general field of 

race/Ethnic Studies. That is, in addition to scholarship presented in class, you must use 

new material that includes at least two scholarly books and academic articles (4 total)


Outline(Due on 03/12/2013) :

You are required to submit 1-2 page outline of your proposed final 

paper (see options below). The outline should include the following information: 1) 

your outline should include which film or films you are choosing to analyze/present and

date they were produced ; 2) Provide a brief synopsis of the film(s) ; 3) 

You should include what aspects of the film(s) you are focusing on (for example, race 

relations, interracial relations, minority representations, comparative analysis, ideology, 

etc.), and provide examples to highlight the aspects; 4) Which scholarly material 

(material found via the library) you are planning to use to make your argument/analysis 

(at least 2 journals and 2 books).


Films that are baned for this paper:

The Lion King (1994) ,Birth of a Nation (1915),Imitation of Life (1959),Guess Who’s Coming Home for Dinner? (1967),The World of Susie Wong (1960),Maid in Manhattan (2002),Bringing Down the House (2003),Blackboard Jungle (1955) ,To Sir, with Love (1967),Dangerous Minds (1995),Freedom Writers (2007),Namesake (2006),Sin Nombre (2009),A Better Life (2011),Gran Torino (2008),Apocalypto (2006),Avatar (2009),Sankofa (1993),Smoke Signals (1998),Sleep Dealer (2008)

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