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Topic: Economic Paper

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Assignment – a 2-3 page paper will also be written with one score based on the quality of the students description of the overall economic conditions at the time, with particular emphasis on ow they will impact the specific sector being developed for the business plan.
PS – My Business plan: has to do with the entertainment industry here is a summary of the products and services that my business plan offers as a reference
– Each night of operation has either a different theme or a different format. The weekend nights will be the big traditional club nights. From Sunday to Wednesday, the venue will operate as a “Bar & Grill” restaurant. Below is a more comprehensive list of events for the club.
-Thursday Night “Ladies Free Until Midnight” 10pm-3am -$10 for men until Midnight -Present school ID and receive $5 off *This event is unique in the sense that most rivaling clubs have “Ladies Free Until 11” special. By extending this special an extra hour, customers will not feel the need to rush to avoid missing the special offer. In turn, entrance lines will be less congested.
-Friday Night “Theme Night” 10pm-3am -Guests dress according to theme -Is a very big event during the Halloween and Christmas seasons -Ladies free until 11pm -Present school ID and receive $5 off
-Saturday Night “End of the Weekend Night” 10pm-3am
-This event is billed as a “last chance” for people to have fun before the next week of school/work begins
-$5 admission for women all night

-Sunday Afternoon/Evening “Sports Sunday” -$1 Drinks from 7pm-10pm -“2 for $20” Appetizer Special from opening to closing
-Monday Night “4 for $1 Wing Special” (Football Season only) -4 wings for $1 special begins at kickoff
With more operations, the club will rake in much more revenue. The hours of operation from Sundays to Wednesdays are 11am to 11pm. The addition of operating days is what separates The Alive & Kicking Club from the competition

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