Your ethical code of conduct plan for your company’s international business expansion plan should include all of the different concepts and ideas covered over the pass several weeks.


   Correction to be made for my code of ethical plan: Inclusion of a letter from leadership to the reader of the Code of Ethics. This sets the tone and lets the reader know why the Board of Directors and management consider the code of Ethics important.


2. Accetable and unacceptable behavior on the part of employees.


3. Resources for more information and what to do if unethical behavior is seen such as contact information for an Ethics Compliance Officer or if someone needs to report unethical conduct. This includes reporting procedures.


4. Ethics training and awarness program for your company.


5. Consequences of unethical /or illegal behavior


6. The legal regulations of conducting business overseas.


7. The ethical code of conduct for employees and vendors


8. Distingushing between right and wrong in business dealings when the action is legal


9. Identifying the issues surrounding the motivation behind unethical or illegal business operations when the consequences are properly documented.


10. Anything else that you deem important support your ethical code of conduct plan.


11. Your ethical code of conduct plan should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and ideas covered throughout the course.


   1,250–1,500 words and references.

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