Rough Draft about Japan cultural values, social etiquette, language, and business etiquette

Can anyone complete this rough draft by 1/2/2013. I will provide a guidebook to assist in writing the rough draft which needs to be 750 words.

Outline for Guidebook Sections One and Two

I. Introduction

II. Universal Systems

A. Economic Systems

B. Political

1. Socialism

2. Many variations of democracy

C. Educational

D. Marriage and Family

E. Hierarchies

1. Global Business

a. Companies

b. Organizations

c. Individuals

2. Global Competition

a. Showcase

b. Market

3. Global Business Requirements

a. Professional mindset

b. Training

III. Cultural Values

A. Significance

1. Beliefs

2. Language

B. Identification

C. Problems

1. lack of cultural awareness

IV. Intercultural Business Communication

1. Attitudes about gender differences

2. Work ethics

II. Language and Thought

A. Language

B. Thought

1. Diversity

2. Direct and Verbal

C. Informal and Alternative language

D. Verbal Interaction

1. Thought Processes

a. Temperament

b. State of Mind

c. Personal Judgment

2. Intercultural Communication

a. Simple Language

b. Important Points

c. Power of Hierarchy

3. Cultural Language

a. Understanding History

b. Cultural Respect

c. Conflict Resolution

III. Intercultural Business Communication



1. Social and cultural differences upon a language

2. Communication between individuals of different cultures

A. Gift Giving Etiquette

B. Card Etiquette

1. Ritualistic and meaningful

2. Quality cards

C. Business Etiquette

D. Dress Etiquette

E. Dining Etiquette

Describe the influence of language differences on intercultural communication.

a. Although English is considered to be the language of international business, learning the host-country’s language may enhance rapport.

b. High- and low-context language

1) High-context language

a) Transmits very little in the explicit message

b) Focuses on nonverbal language

c) Silence used as a means of communication

d) Indirect communication.

2) Low-context language

a) The message is explicit.

b) The message is given in more than one way.

c) The message is direct and verbal.

d) Expectations are stated.

V. Conclusion

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