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  • 1.—Research how stereotyping might affect attitudes in a work setting and/or how the attitudes might impede workers’ effectiveness at accomplishing goals.
  • 2.—-Discuss the fundamental attribution error and argue from the research why this is a relevant and important concept.
  • 3.—- Compare and contrast at least two factors found in the research that could contribute to better intergroup relations. For instance you might discuss why are some people more comfortable interacting within different cultural and/or ethnic groups from themselves?
  • 4.—Compare and contrast Jean Piaget’s concepts of formal and concrete thinking. Some current research suggests that all college students are in formal operational thinking. (Maybe 30%) Which level do you believe you are in and why? Essentially you will approach problem solving differently depending the stage. How might critical thinking from the E-Activity relate to the concepts of Piaget?please references from WWW.EBSCO.COMMAXIMUM PAGE 2.5 pages.thank you
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