Paper on Security Roles


Project 2: Paper on Security Roles


Based on an interview with a properly documented security professional (preferably a private security manager), or on independent research that includes at least three sources, or on both, write a three to five-page paper that explores the role security plays in protecting an organization’s assets. Incorporated into the document should be a discussion of the security director’s various professional responsibilities (including loss prevention, investigation, and administrative and managerial functions) and the critical skills required for him or her to succeed; the importance of internal and external relationships to the fulfillment of the security department’s mission; and the broad spectrum of activities in which security operatives involve themselves to protect an organization’s assets . Again, see the grading rubric for additional details on how your project will be assessed.  


NOTE: Given the nature of the topic, a paper reaching five pages would typically be one that is more comprehensive than one that does not. Hopefully this note provides some additional guidance for your final submission.


Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style manual in writing this paper, which will consist of a cover page, the body of the paper (with an appropriate introductory statement about the topic), and a reference page. The cover and reference pages will not be included in the page count. You may access the following UMUC website as a reference for APA style requirements:


Ortmeier, J.P.
Title: Introduction to Security Operations and Management custom edition
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 0558700012


NOTE: For this project, you are required to use the services of the UMUC Effective Writing Center (EWC) for this project by having EWC personnel review your first substantially-completed draft. You will be required to incorporate EWC recommendations into the paper you submit for grading. Personnel at the EWC can be contacted using the following website: Failure to your paper for review by the EWC will result in an automatic 15 percent reduction in your project grade.

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