Need to count calories and nutrition information for 5 days

You need to count calories and nutrition information for 5 days.  It’s due tonight, so you can just make up things that you ate.  Make it sound reasonable.It’s due by midnight, price is not an issue!


I attached the .PDF file for the assingment.

Chemistry Lab:

Be sure to read and follow the directions carefully so that you have a complete lab

assignment when you submit it to the assignment link.

Use the following website to assist you with understanding how to calculate calories
and read label information for the lab.

Lab Exercise:

For this exercise you will keep a diet log for 5 consecutive days.
This log will help you with collecting the information you will need for the other exercises
here that will be include in your lab work submission.


1. During this 5 day time period you are to record every food and drink item you ingest.
Devise a chart for days, with headings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition,
also include snacks. Track the time you eat each of these. The chart will be submitted
as part of your lab report. In addition to the 5 day diet log also include the following
information with it.

2. Count the calories by meals and snacks and include those in the chart.

3. Using the items from your chart: read the labels for the following:

a. You should show label percentages for canned items, frozen, snacks, and meats.

b. Once you have done this figure how many calories you ingested of the following in
each meal and snack. Then on calculate the daily and give a final total caloric
intake for the week.

Include the macromolecule counts for the following:

carbohydrates – sugar and starches

fats (all types)


vitamins (which ones specifically)

Lab Report:

At the end of the 5 day period complete all counts and organize the data requested in

the lab into a logical and organized manner using a chart for your presentation.

Analysis Questions:

1. Did you realize before this activity that you consumed the amounts of the various

macromolecules that you have shown here for the week.

2. Based on your findings will you change your eating habits? If so, how and


3. Do you feel this week’s data represents an average week of food intake for you on a

regular basis? If not explain why.

4. What if any of these should you reduce or increase to get what you need on a daily


5. Did you eat things this week that you would not normally have or would not? If so


6. Give a brief description of the macromolecules you are calculating in your diet here.

Why do we need these in our diet?

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