Number of sources: 5

Topic: Local Area Network Technology

Number of Pages: 4 (Double Spaced)

Category:   IT Management

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Writing Style: APA

My Instructions:

The paper should be 4 pages long. (NOT including the references.) 
You are hired as a consultant by Alpha Omega Technical Industries (?? TechInd). Your job is to provide a network solution to meeting the demands on the vertical growth the company has been experiencing during the last six months. ?? TechInd has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and divisions in
Miami, Florida
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Frankfurt, Germany
Dubai, UAE
Shanghai, China
You are asked to create a network that houses the storage file server(s) keeping all files related to contract transactions between all divisions and their clients. 
Your task is to design only this segment of the network. Do not worry about the rest of the network and do not worry about database and web servers. You will not be using them in your designed solution. The main file storage server must reside with the headquarters.
Please do consider the following in your solution discussion:
File sharing between divisions
Storage server backup and recovery in case of failure
Security issues related to file transfers (optional)
File concurrency – in case two files with the same name are trying to be saved at the same time on the same location
File access logs
File archival method
Network diagram (optional – not required)

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