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Need english assignment done.


Doesn’t have to be super duper good. Aiming for a Grade 12 level.

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Choose one of the following topics as a summative task and submit a written proposal, using
the “Project Proposal Form”,
Your final product may be a report, a model, a video, a performance, an extended letter
home, a diary, a combination of these, or any other suitable medium and format. However, I

The length will vary according to the product. A written report should be about 1000-1500
words. A model must be accompanied with a short commentary or explanation. A class
PowerPoint or video presentation should include a thumbnail printout or viewer notes. The
expectations for the length and amount of detail canbe discussed individually.
All summative projects MUST include a Works Cited page that uses MLA format. At least
three research sources must be used, including at least one book. Examples will be shown in
class, but students wishing to learn in detail about MLA format (in-text citations and end of
text citations) should consult the library’s style guide. Students are advised to purchase a
copy early to become familiar with it. Wikipedia is not an acceptable research source, and
any student using it may receive afailing grade. Failure to submit a proper works cited page
may also result in a failing grade.
This final product of the summative task represents 10% of your final mark, so please treat it
The proposal, including a description of the format and medium,
signed) by the teacher. Failure to submit such a form, or failure to
result in the project’s not being accepted for evaluation.
All topics must fall within the Ministry of Education guidelines for
Greece andf or Rome).

Date due:

must be approved (and
have it approved, may

the course (i.e., ancient


1. An important battle or military campaign, such as the battle of Marathon, Salamis,
Gaugamela,Zama, etc.

2. The Romans in Britain, Gaul, Germany, Egypt, etc.
3. The art or science of education,love, warfare,political leadership, medicine, etc.
4. Greek or Roman sculpture, architectur e, art, technology, etc.
5. What Heraclitus, Plato, Aristotle, Democritus, etc, really meant…
6. A day in the life of a Roman senator, a Greek helot, a hoplite, a plebian, a patncian, a

gladiator, atrader, a slave, a servant, etc.
7. A day in the life of Sparta, Athens, Alexandria, Rome, Constantinople, etc.
8. A day at the coliseum, the Delphic oracle, the baths, the academy flyceum, etc.
9. Taming the pantheon: the transition from polytheism to monotheism
1″0. The travels of;ason, odysseus, Heracles, etc.: amulti-disciplinary approach
11. “All the world’s a stage”: a study of an ancient dramatist
72. Weapons of mass destruction:war machines of the ancient world
13. A diorama lmodel of… (with explanation)

74. The Athens/Rome DaiIy Gazette: a newspaper from the ancient world
15. The glory of the Olympics
16. An archeological find: Troy, Herculaneum, Pompeii, etc.
77. A Walking Tour of ancient Corinth, Knossus, Delphi, Rome, Athens, etc.
18. Fitness and recreation
79. An insider’s view of Alexander, Hannibal, Scipio,;ulius Caesar, Spartacus, etc.
20. “I was Pericles’, Socrates’, Aristotle’s, Cleopatra’s, etc. confidante…”
21,. Medicine, cooking, fashion, etc. in ancientAthens, Rome, Sparta, etc.
22. Models of the Parthenon, Acropolis, Forum Romanum, a Pompeiian villa, a Roman Bath,

weapons of war, etc. (with explanation)
23. A boardgame based on a mythological cycle or Ilterary work
24. Make me anoffer…

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