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 argument paper



Thesis Statement Guidelines:

Make sure for Unit/Week V you have a clear thesis statement/argument.

For this course, you must be able to answer two (2) important questions:

1. Who is your specific target audience?

2. What, exactly, do you want to persuade that audience to think or do?

Of course, a third question would be how your research “backs up” your argument.


·         For more “Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements,” visit the below link to the Purdue Online Writing Center (OWL): 

Again, make sure that you pay attention to the thesis advice for writing an argumentative paper only!


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Draft 2

The purpose of the second draft is to build upon the first draft that you have already written and to move your drafting process forward so that you can add a body, conclusion, and abstract to the paper, making it a cohesive and whole academic paper.


In this assignment, you will take Draft 1 (review of literature), written in Unit IV, and write an introduction to your final Research Paper that sets the context for your project, establishes your argument, asserts your thesis, and allows for an easy transition from your review of literature. Your introduction alone should be between 250-350 words. If the alone is less than this word count, it is likely you have not fully developed your introduction, and this lack of development can severely impact your grade for this assignment. Your Draft 2 should include the elements listed below.


The grade of your second draft is largely based on your inclusion of these elements and the overall quality of your writing..Your Draft 2 must contain the following elements.

1. Cover page and APA formatting:

You should include an APA-style cover page for your Research Paper Draft 2. Your cover page should include the following: the title of your paper, your name, and the name of your university name. The running head should include up to 50 characters from the title of the paper, along with a sequential page number in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Introduction:

Draft and revise an introduction between 250-350 words to come before your revised review of literature. There are some pitfalls to writing an introductory paragraph, and you can avoid some of them by reading through the Checklist: “Avoid Certain Mistakes in the Introduction” on p. 495 of Strategies for Writing Successful Research Papers.

3. Review of literature:

Using the comments that you received on your Draft 1, revise your review of literature, and include it with Draft 2.

4. References:

Include a references list as the last page of the paper. All entries are those that have been cited in the text. No others are to be included. No textbooks should be included on the references list.

The following were the teacher’s comments for the draft 1 paper

reviewed your first draft, you made some good points. However, my recommendations for improvement are: 1. Stronger and more effective title needed. 2. More effective “hook” statement needed. How are you going to draw in your audience? 3. Where is your thesis statement? It should be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. It can not be a rhetorical question. 4. Review for grammatical errors. Consider visiting the Student Success Center for assistance if you have not. 5. Make sure your argument is sound and logical. Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.

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