business 101

1. I would like to be a manager, i think that being a manager is a good step into owning a business. To be a manager you lead, and control, and work with your employees. It helps you fully understand how hard it can or cannot be to make tougher decisions. It puts resposibily of everything on you, but when things are are going well it gives you the satisfation of knowing your leading well. Your employees look to you for answers, you must be able to help and know how to handle everything.


2. I am very interested in working in management. While I was in high school I was granted the opportunity to be manager for the eco-teams. This was a difficult task, but I believed I could do it. Some of the things I was in charge of was planning what the teams needed to do in order to get prepared for the next competition, race, or PR event. There was a lot of planning in order for this year to be successful. I had to plan out which members did what, figure out times/due dates, and ultimate goals. The objectives for each person were different. Being a manager in general required a lot of organization and the ability to stay calm.


As a manager I had to use the SWOT system. I used the SWOT system to figure out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, then assess their opportunities for certain jobs/application of skills, and the threats of competition. If this were a job that I was paid for (being in management), then I probably would have done planning a bit different. We used post-its for the majority of planning. The challenge with this, was that I was kind of a push-over of a manager and deadlines were occasionally moved. In the real world this could have huge set backs and major consequences.


I believe in a real-world setting I would have the skills necessary to work in management due to the experiences I had managing a car building team. I was able to successfully lead them and control them in a way where they didn’t hate me at the end of the year, and we were successful during competitions and during other events due to proper planning and organization.


3. I feel that being a manager would be a very complex, time consuming job. I am someone who likes to have days off when I need them and I feel that manager position makes it hard to do so. Managers tend to work long hours and if something goes wrong then it is their responsibility to fix it. I feel that they also don’t get paid the amount they should for as much as they put into the business. I would rather not be a manager, but instead work right under the manager so I don’t have so much pressure, especially from the owner of the business. Owners typically complain to the mangers if they aren’t making enough profit and simply expects the managers to change that, even though the manager doesn’t get a pay raise for more profit.


give a 3-4 sentences reply to each these answer!

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