6 short answer history questions

Why was the Panama Canal built?  Which country started the project?  Which country finished it?  Give at least two reasons as to why it took so long to be completed. (5 points)


Why did Germany help Lenin get back to Russia after Nicholas II abdicated?  What was Lenin’s underlying purpose in drawing out peace talks with Germany after he took control of Russia? (5 points)


Choose two nations from the following:  Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan.  Compare and contrast how nationalistic movements within each country along with the influence of Westen powers helped shape them with either similar or different results. (10 points)


Explain the different politcal, economic and social philosophies that the leaders of France, Great Britain and the United States has in regard to the creation of the Treaty of Versailles.  Which of these leaders got a Treaty that mose closely resembked his desires?  Why?  What compromises were made?  Also explain how Germany responded to the treaty?  And finally, whose philosophies for the Treaty do you most agree with?  Why? (10 points)


 Name and describe three new weapons or methods of warfare first used during World War I. What effect did the introduction of new technology have on the war? (10 points)


Choose a person that we’ve studied who has made a major contribution to the shaping of the world between 1850 and 1930.  (You’re not allowed to choose Hitler because we have not spent enough time on him yet).  Write a brief biography of that person describing his/her background, contributions to the world (for better or worse), and why you believe that he/she is the most significant person we’ve studied in terms of shaping the politcal, economic, and/or social lanscape(s) of the world. (10 points)


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