In conflict : determinants of mortality and morbidity pf children in Yemen

In confflict : determinants of mortality and morbidity pf children in Yemen this paper for public health- Humanitarin setting The maximum length of the paper will be 3000 words(10 page). Preparing this paper will allow the student to explore an area of interest, either topical or geographic, technical or operational, by researching, reflecting, critically analyzing, and writing about its relevance to one or more specific humanitarian operations. Topic selection and the approach adopted should be approved by the instructor prior to the start of work. In general, both sides of any issue, where applicable, should be addressed, and a stance should be taken and justified with supporting evidence. The paper will be due at the end of the course. While the paper itself is obviously important, so is the preparation which, given the weight of this exercise in determining the final grade, should be extensive. For each paper, the grade will be derived from the following: An annotated bibliography of 5-10 references that inform the presentation (40%) The content (accuracy, organization, comprehensibility) of the subject matter (40%) The quality of writing, organization, presentation, and analysis (20%)The papers, including the annotated bibliography, which constitute an important contribution to the teaching of the course, will be thoroughly discussed throughout the course.


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