Importance of Eyewitness Identification

Need help with my writing homework on Importance of Eyewitness Identification. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Memory is one of the most important parts of the brain of most human beings. In memory to store everything that has occurred in the past which has become part of their identity. Human beings want to believe that what they remember is accurate and true. It is the truth that they remember that supports what they believe in life. Unfortunately, psychology research has shown that memory is very fallible. This is never more important than when one individual is testifying in a court of law than the actions of another. Eyewitness testimony can make or break conclusions drawn by a jury or judge about the innocence or guilt of the defendant. The following review examines previous literature that exists on the topic of eyewitness testimony to understand the phenomenon of false memory and inaccurate testimony.

The field of eyewitness research encompasses several different aspects of psychological research. Brewer, Weber, and Semmler (2013) make the point that while research has shown that eyewitness fallibility can be understood to assert greedy and that there are practical guidelines for helping to increase identification accuracy, there has been little to refine the theories of identification decision processes and that further research is still needed to diminish the number of false witnesses that affect justice. The researchers stressed that it is possible that an approach that is made from a purely practical point would create a structure that could provide a more useful conclusion. They hope that theoretically, motivated research can support a better process for the legal system.

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Importance of Eyewitness Identification
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According to Penrod (2014), eyewitness testimony has been studying at length in the past several&nbsp.decades. To increase the amount of justice that is seen within the United States, eyewitness testimony has been manipulated in terms of the Confrontation Clause of the Constitution on many levels.&nbsp.As an example, in Craig v. Maryland (110 S. Ct. 3157) a decision of 5-4 made it clear that the defendants may not necessarily have the right of confrontation when the well-being of the witness, in this case, a child, outweighed the interests of the defendant’s rights.

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