Illustrating a theme in a poem

“How to read a poem”, Walt, “I Hear America Singing” at, Langston, “I, Too,” at, Langston, “Let America Be America Again” at ActivityFor this activity, you will select three (3) poetic terms or elements of a poem and apply them to your one (1) selected poem to support and illustrate a theme you see emerging in the poem you selected to write about.You will use terms you select from the “Glossary of Poetic Terms” and/or “The Elements of Poetry” to illustrate a specific “theme” that your close reading of your selected poem reveals. In writing your essay, you will illustrate your ability to synthesize poetic terms in your analysis of a poem.Begin by re-reading your poem of choice.Re-read “How to Read a Poem” and the example analysis of “Digging” along with the “Glossary of Poetic Terms” and “The Elements of Poetry.”Next, decide which poetic terms to apply.Then compose no fewer than 500 words analyzing your selected poem to illustrate the theme you see emerging from the poem.You should make sure to highlight the theme you are illustrating (this is your thesis) in your first paragraph and show how that theme is developed in the poem.Do not summarize the poem, but, rather, focus on how the theme you see is revealed in the language of the poem.Describe at least three (3) poetic elements that contribute to the poem’s development of its theme.Provide no fewer than three (3) quotes from the poem to support and illustrate your main points.


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