Identify and describe type of research design

Population sample (i.e. sample size, sampling techniques, procedure and forms

Plan of Data collection

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Identify and describe type of research design
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Development of Questionnaire

What items will be included?

Explain any instruments that have been developed by other researchers.

Include sample of questionnaire (limit to 3 pages)

Plan of data analysis 

This portion of the Research Proposal will be the Research Method section.  This assignment will require a 2 page maximum.  If you go over 2 pages, that is fine.

Quantitative and qualitative data can be collected using various methods.  It is important to use a data collection method that will help answer your research questions.  Many data collection methods can be wither qualitative or quantitative.  For example, in surveys, observations or case studies, your data can be represented as numbers (e.g. using rating scales or counting frequencies) or as words (e.g. with open-ended questions or descriptions of what you observe).

However, some methods are more commonly used in one type or the other.

Quantitative Data Collection Methods

Surveys:List of closed or multiple choice questions that is distributed to a sample (online, in person, or over the phone).

Experiments:Situation in which variables are controlled and manipulated to establish cause-and-effect relationships.

Observation: Observing subjects in a natural environment where variables can’t be controlled.

Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Interviews: Asking open-ended questions verbally to respondents.

Focus Groups: Discussion among a group of people about a topic to gather opinions that can be used for further research.

Ethnography: Participating in a community or organization for an extended period of time to closely observe culture and behavior.

Literature Review: Survey of published works by other authors.

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