Identify a Research Question

Organization Analysis Visual Aids – Draft

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Identify a Research Question
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Step 3: Organize and Plan Your Presentation

Before you begin, review the following:

  • Organization Analysis Guidelines (particularly the “Format” section)
  • Your instructor’s feedback on your Organization Analysis Proposal
  • Your instructor’s feedback on your Organization Analysis Annotated Bibliography
  • How to Make a Presentation Deck That Doesn’t Stink (Links to an external site.)

Deliverable for This Assignment

Create a first draft of your visual aids using PowerPoint or Google Slides. Before designing your slides, it’s helpful to create an outline of your presentation content. The outline will help you organize your ideas and act as a road map for your presentation. Also, keep in mind that your presentation will be 6–8 minutes in length, so think carefully about what information to include. For example, assume the audience is familiar with the company and its background, so get right to the heart of your analysis.

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Your visual aids don’t need to be elaborate or “fancy.” Follow the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle. The video above offers some excellent tips.
  • Text should be used sparingly (no complete sentences or paragraphs!). After all, you want your audience to listen to you, not read your slides.
  • For your introduction, include a title slide followed by an “Agenda” slide that previews your main ideas and serves as a roadmap for the audience.
  • Include a “References” slide as your last slide and cite at least three information sources using APA style.

Next Steps

Take a step back an assess whether you have enough evidence to support the main points of your presentation. For example, if you claim that Zappos’ strong people-oriented culture drives the company’s success, you need to back up that claim with evidence/examples of people orientation. If you don’t have enough evidence, now’s the time to find it (or consider whether you need to modify your main points).

In the next assignment, you’ll record your oral presentation.

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