Identified Issue: Early Childhood Education

Advocacy and Action Plan (AAP) Guiding Framework

CHS236 – Home, School, and Community

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Identified Issue: Early Childhood Education
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*Please use to organize your thoughts and resources.*

Instructions: Use this worksheet to help you plan and complete your AAP. It will be useful as you prepare your Unit 3 and 5 presentation slides, as well as to help you finalize your AAP submitted in Unit 7. You are NOT required to turn in this worksheet as part of the AAP related assignments.


  • Course Resources: textbooks, articles, media, videos, and model programs (e.g., Strengthening Families National Network: state initiatives and action plans; Help Me Grow affiliates; Parent Leadership Training Initiatives (PLTI), Community Cafes).
  • Community Resources:existing programs and agencies in your community or state that support children and families.

Action Team

Who will you partner with in the development and implementation of your plan? Families must be actively involved in the creation and implementation of the plan!

A. Identify one issue from 11 policy areas.Read the Children’s Defense Fund State of America’s Children 2020 Fact Sheet for your home state or another chosen state.
11 Policy Areas: Child Poverty, Income and Wealth Inequality, Housing and Homelessness, Child Hunger and Nutrition, Child Health, Early Childhood, Education, Child Welfare, Youth Justice, Gun Violence
Identified Issue:
B. Connect the issue to one of the five Strengthening Families Protective Factors.Write an explicit description of the issue and the connection to a protective factor.
Five Protective Factors: 1) parental resilience, 2) social connections, 3) knowledge of parenting and child development,4) concrete support in times of need, and 5) social and emotional competence of children.
Strengthening Families Protective Factor:
C. Present your advocacy position.
Issue: Explain why you have selected this issue and the need to advocate for change.
Application: One Sociological Theory(i.e., Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological theory, Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, or Family systems theory)
Application: Minimum of Two Fundamental Course Concepts:NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct: at least one ideal or principle
NAEYC Family and Community Relationships Standards: at least one standard
D. Present a plan for action.How would you address this issue to improve conditions for families with young children?Utilize at least two evidence-based programs, approaches, strategies and/or tools from course resources.Examples: Help Me Grow, a checklist from Beyond the Bake Sale, an article, a video
Demonstrate how this action plan supports families as their children’s first and most important teachers and advocates!
ACTION TEAM! (explained in Beyond the Bake Sale)Identify who will help you create and implement this plan. Families must be involved in the creation and implementation of the plan!!

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