i want that someone make PPT with the given instruction, of the report that i will attach.


As business professionals and future business managers, you will be expected to make presentations both in person and virtually. This assignment is part 4 of your Team Project. You will learn how to develop and deliver an effective presentation by creating a report to present the key findings from your business report.

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i want that someone make PPT with the given instruction, of the report that i will attach.
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Instructions and Submission

Step 1: Review the unit readings.

Step 2: Plan your presentation based on what you have learned from the readings.

Step 3: Build your presentation in a Power Point file. Prepare a 10-15 slide presentation to convey the key findings from your formal report.

a.      The submission must include major findings from your research, key conclusions and recommendations, and action plan.

b.      Ensure that your presentation is annotated (i.e. that all concepts are fully explained in the Notes section of each slide. These are your speaker’s notes.).

Step 4: Edit and proof-read the presentation.

Step 5: Select a team member to submit the presentation to the assignment page.

Submission Details

Your presentation should include the following slides:

1.      Cover Slide (include title, names, date, course code/title, instructor name)

2.      Agenda Slide (Lists what will be included in the presentation.)

3.      Introduction Slide (Introduce the topic and include a clear purpose statement)

4.      Body Slides (3-4 relevant points related to topics, each supported by at least one reference), in-text citations must be used for the slides.

5.      Recommendations Slide

6.      Conclusion Slide (confirms what was said in body)

7.      Action plan

8.      References Slide (full references for all work cited in body, use the same references from your report).

Helpful Hints

·        Use APA referencing guidelines for citations and references. Click here to review “APA Style”.

·        Do not write in first person (I) but rather the third (they, he, she).

·        Ensure all references are academic sources. If an article is found in an academic journal in one of the library databases, then you can assume it has been peer reviewed and thus acceptable. Many articles found readily online may not have been exposed to any editorial vetting process, and thus should not be used as a resource. 

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