I need response to the below Statement:

I decided to write about a source I had come across for our week 8 assignment. While I was researching, I did find a vast majority of interesting coaching and mentoring techniques that would be beneficial as a future leader but this one stuck out to me for a few reasons. The strongest of which is the fact that it focuses on how student-athletes perceive their coaches and how that has an overall effect on the athletes and the coaches themselves. “Coaches, whom their athletes see as democratic, motivating, affective leaders and who provide accurate instructions, facilitate significant rates of positive development in almost all dimensions tested” (de Albuquerque, et. al., 2021). I find this to be beneficial to my future leadership endeavors as it is a reminder that my actions, words, and the way I mentor, coach or lead in the future can have a direct impact on not only how I am perceived, but also how my mentees or those I lead will find success or not. Being a leader is not only about telling or showing someone how to do something or get something done, but rather working together to achieve a common goal. I also find it important to remember that you are not only leading others when you are prepared for a presentation at work, or meeting with those on your team. You are leading in all of your actions and how you treat others. As a teacher, I can relate to this especially because my students are always picking up on different things I say or hand gestures I use, etc. It is surprising to see how easily others can mimic you without either side being aware of it. I plan to remember this moving on in the future, not only for my students this coming school year but also in my future leadership roles as one can never be too aware of their own impact.

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I need response to the below Statement:
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