I need assistance drawing a decision tree

) Innovative Digital Bank (IDB) has been experiencing an increase in credit card fraud since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The manager of the credit card unit is concerned with the current trends and needs your assistance as a Data Mining expert to understand the relationship among different factors that appear in the transaction. The manager has asked you to analyze the data and make recommendations on the way forward. Using the data table below construct a decision tree identifying which factors affect the Status (class) of the credit card transactions. Round all answers off to one decimal place. [9 marks] Transaction ID Product Transaction value Location Time of day Status 1001 Gold High USA Morning Normal 1002 Standard Medium Africa Midnight Fraudulent 1003 Black Low USA Midnight Fraudulent 1004 Platinum High Europe Morning Normal 1005 Gold Low Africa Afternoon Fraudulent 1006 Platinum Medium Caribbean Afternoon Normal 1007 Standard High USA Afternoon Fraudulent 1008 Standard Medium Europe Morning Normal 1009 Gold High Africa Midnight Fraudulent 1010 Gold High Caribbean Morning Normal b) Based on the results from the decision tree, classify what factors are relevant/ irrelevant in explaining the trends related to the class variable. Justify your answer. [3 marks] c) Use the data in the table below to validate the decision tree and provide the accuracy of the tree. [3 marks]

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I need assistance drawing a decision tree
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