I need a response to the below statement. I will attach an example.

In my opinion, this is extremely important in the grand scheme of things. Being flexible as a mentor and being able to add in new strategies or change the direction of the plan to better provide results for your mentee is almost guaranteed to happen. This is simply since life happens, schedules change, and we cannot make a plan that includes long-term goals and not expect something to change or that we will never need to adjust anything. Therefore, it is so important to continually check in with your mentee and monitor the progress regarding the plan. Being able to adjust things as they occur will allow you to keep as close to the first timeline as possible. Without checking in with the progress your mentee is making and then finding out some deadlines were not met or completed can cause a bigger issue later. “Influencers understand the importance of an accurate data stream and do their best to ensure that their strategies focus on vital behaviors by serving up visible, timely, and accurate information that supports their goals” (Grenny, 2015). It is vital that the mentor be checking in on their mentee’s progress to ensure that they are successfully completing their tasks in a timely manner, or at the very least, to ensure they know when or if things have changed and the plan needs to be modified. This will help your success as a mentor and your mentee’s success in their goals because the timeline is able to stay as close to the original as possible, and the activities are consistent, and there is accountability for the mentee.

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I need a response to the below statement. I will attach an example.
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