I need a response to the below statement. I will attach an example.

During the short weeks my mentee was attempting to achieve one of his short term goals of having better typing skills, it was evident my mentee what is putting forth a lot of effort. My mentee went from typing 20 words per minute to 55 words per minute in just four weeks. What is better about my mentee accomplishing this goal is some of the side effects my mentee had from achieving their goal. My mentee had more confidence in their ability to display their work to other supervisors when a written report had to be completed about the work they had just done. Another positive is my mentee was able to see that achieving a goal is achievable. My mentee is now putting forth more effort to complete their other short term goals and long term goals we had placed for them in the individual development plan.

I can now see when my mentee sits down to complete a written report they are not stressed because they know they have the ability to efficiently type the report with all of the details necessary. I remember watching my mentee stop doing the task 30 minutes prior so they could start working on the written report, because they were so stressed on how long the report would take to complete.

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I need a response to the below statement. I will attach an example.
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While I have not seen a change in my mentee’s personal life since completing this goal, during our check in meetings he is still very positive about the organization, and his personal life. At this time, I have no bad things to say about my mentee and have given him a lot of praise on his effort and completing one of his short term goals.


Grenny, J. (2013). Influencer: the new science of leading change (Second ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.

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