I need a response to the below Statement by Mario:

(Frechtling & Boo 2012), highlight and define code of ethics as, ‘‘professional codes of ethics’’ as ‘‘written, distinct and formal documents, issued by professional associations, that attempt to guide the professional behavior of their members,” (p.1). In addition, the Code of ethics is a formal statement of the organization’s values regarding ethics and social responsibility, Daft (2013). Code of ethics is a guiding principle that encompasses professional conduct which wraps around honesty, integrity, employee conduct, and a basic code of ethics based on an organization’s values or mission statement. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders are held to these standards and are expected to conduct such traits in a corporate or business setting. Managers who make and are influenced to make good ethical decisions may come from a family foundation that encompasses strong ethics, values, and moral traditions and or have professional competence and professional behavior. Ethical leadership suggests that a leader’s ethical life is an expression of his or her overall development as a human being, and attaining the full ethical potential of one’s life involves living in harmony with the universe as a whole Legault (2012).

Advanced leadership suggests that advanced leaders work in complex systems and are aware of and recognize the multiple stakeholders and their divergent interests and needs. Advanced leaders break mental boundaries and challenge established patterns to effect real change Legault (2012). In addition, agile leaders are skilled in four mutually reinforcing leadership agility competencies – context-setting agility, stakeholder agility, creative agility, and self-leadership agility Legault (2012). A conscious leader is essential in creating a conscious business and is responsible for the ethical culture in an organization. Senior leaders are individuals who have a heightened consciousness and contribute for the better good of the organization.

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I need a response to the below Statement by Mario:
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Conscious capitalism results when conscious leaders create conscious businesses and Conscious business is driven by the company’s higher purpose, Legault (2012). (Conscious Capitalism Unpacked: An Evening with Raj Sisodia, 2019), refers to the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism as a higher purpose, stakeholder integration, Conscious Leader, and Caring Cultures. In addition, the purpose of business is not to make a profit, but rather the purpose of a business is to produce profitable solutions to the problems of people and the planet and it must not be about business profiting while hurting people or the planet, (Conscious Capitalism Unpacked: An Evening with Raj Sisodia, 2019). A senior leader must lead by example and make ethical decisions that will benefit the team, the organization, and stakeholders. The leader must be competent, apply conscious capitalism principles simultaneously keeping employees and the organization’s best interest in mind. The leader must be ethically sound in decision making and again, keep in mind that the employee culture and morals weigh heavy on the leader. Good conscious leaders have the best interest of the overall organization and employees meanwhile maximizing profits ethically and keeping the environment sound.


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