I need a response to the below statement:

 I had a boss that was promoted up through the department, therefore, we were friends. I never thought our friendship would be an issue because our department had always felt like family. I don’t know if the position changed her or if something in her personal life affected her work life, but she literally snapped. Her decision-making process was not logical, and she made the entire department toxic. The typical decision-making process involves defining the problem, identifying alternatives, using a particular technique to select the best alternative, and monitor results (Basu, 2021).  Her decision-making process included yelling as she berated people. She went so far as to call my immediate supervisor into her office and tell her she was a horrible supervisor to me.

     I had made a mistake doing someone else’s job while they were on vacation. I had made my co-worker aware of the mistake upon her return and she was not concerned as it was minor. When the boss caught wind of this mistake she literally blew up in my face, she then proceeded to write an email to my supervisors’ boss (with incorrect information) to tell on what I did. I replied to the email correcting the boss and that was the wrong move. She made my life miserable from then on. Because my job was paid from a grant, she made sure my job ended when the grant did. She even went so far as to block me from transferring me to another department so that she didn’t have to see me in the building.

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I need a response to the below statement:
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    This situation still affects me, especially with those in authority. The takeaway I have is not to allow toxic managers rule my life and to learn how to let go. This boss has since been made to retire because of her poor managerial decisions (not applying for new grants and making the department very toxic) she made. She has made a lot of enemies within my building and when people hear her name they cringe. While I am happy she has finally left, I am still fighting my way to get back to where I was financial. I had to take a 6-grade cut ($5/hr pay cut) to stay with the organization. I just moved to a new position that pays higher, but I have found myself with another toxic manager. I never knew there was PTSD in the workplace, but I will admit I have it. 


Basu, C (2021). What Are Two Important Managerial Decision-Making Techniques? Retrieved from: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/two-important-managerial-decisionmaking-techniques-35222.html

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