I need a response to the below statement:

1. What is the underlying communication mistake in this case?

Howard Tannenbaum, the CEO, should have taken careful consideration of how he approached the manner and the form of the email sent. His email appeared threatening, upset, and that he wanted to blame who was responsible and fire that person. In my opinion, the message can still be sent, however, a strong-friendly-appropriate pitch can be received much better than the email originally sent.

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I need a response to the below statement:
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Why do you think Howard Tannenbaum sent those e-mails?

Howard Tennanebaum was upset due to the matter that security calls were breached in regards to the new toy development, and he was upset. He should of taken a few moments to gather his thoughts, calm down and then send the email out. Stay calm, listen hard. Good crisis communicators don’t allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the situation. Calmness and listening become more important than ever, Daft (2013).

2. How do you think Tannenbaum should have communicated his concerns about the information link? Why

Howard Tannenbaum should have used a tactical approach. Instead of threatening staff in his email, he should have taken a few minutes to calm down, gather his thoughts and place himself as the receiver of the email. Reading his email, it appeared he was upset and highlighted certain subjects with capital letters indicating he was upset. His approach in my opinion was wrong and instead should have started his email with something like….To All Managers, Unfortunately, our design information has been breached. We need to conduct an investigation and determine how the information was breached, so we can prevent this from re-occurring in the future. This is a priority, therefore, please have some information by the end of the business day.


Howard Tannenbaum

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