I need a response to the below statement:

Process of control is an action that adjusts operations to predetermined standards, and its basis is information in the hands of managers (Daft, 2013). The universal organizational control method outlined in Chapter 19 of the Management textbook is a feedback control model. A feedback control model helps managers meet strategic goals by monitoring and regulating an organization’s activities and using feedback to determine whether performance meets established standards (Daft, 2013). Most organizations prepare formal reports of quantitative performance measurements that managers review daily, weekly, or monthly (Daft, 2013). These measurements should be related to the standards set in the first step of the control process. For example, if sales growth is a target, the organization should have a means of gathering and reporting sales data (Daft, 2013). If the organization has identified appropriate measurements, regular review of these reports helps managers stay aware of whether the organization is doing what it should or not (Daft, 2013). I teach a small school with three teachers per two grade levels. Our principal observes us teaching weekly and gives us feedback in a written form. In Texas, we are teaching to predetermined standards (from the Texas Board of Education). Our goal is to teach students the knowledge that will allow them to pass the state test. Principals’ feedback is critical because they regulate organizational activities to make them consistent with the expectations established in plans, targets, and standards of performance outlined in expectations for teachers’ performance.


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I need a response to the below statement:
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Daft, R. L. (2013). Management (11th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781285068657


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