I need a reply below discussion post

The reply must be at least 200 words. Do not just say “good job” or “I learned something from your post.” Replies are not a cheering exercise. Instead, your replies must be substantial, reflecting what you learned from reading the post, offering an extension, or correcting a mistake. Use what you learned in researching for your post (or knowledge gained from other classes or personal experience) to either supplement or critique the post you are writing about. Each reply must incorporate at least 1 scholarly citation in APA 7th ed. format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include Lexis/Nexis, HeinOnline, SSRN, Findlaw, Jurist, etc., as well as your textbook or Bible).

The plaintiff, Mr. Leonard, is essentially arguing that the Pepsi Co commercial, depicting the Harrier Jet for sale at a price of 7,000,000 Pepsi Points is a contractual offer made through advertisement as a reward offering. During the commercial, the narrator explains that drinking more Pepsi gets you more great stuff. The Merriam, Webster dictionary definition for the word reward is, “to give a reward to or for.” Reward offerings can be seen as a unilateral contract offering made through advertising. It is completely reasonable that Mr. Leonard saw PepsiCo’s offering of Pepsi Points for the purchase of PepsiCo products as a reward for those purchases. Therefore, if the Pepsi Points are indeed a reward for the purchase of products, then the explicitly stated price of 7,000,000 Pepsi Points is an offer to reward the purchase of PepsiCo products with an offer of a Harrier Jet. Unfortunately for Mr. Leonard, the full definition of a reward offer is as follows, “Advertisements offering rewards for lost property, for information, or for the capture of criminals are generally treated as offers for unilateral contracts” (Mallor, 2019). The offering of Pepsi Points for the purchase of PepsiCo products is a reward by the definition of the term, however, the definition of a reward offering clearly does not create a unilateral contract except for cases in which the advertisement is looking for a specific item, information, or person (who has committed a criminal act). 

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I need a reply below discussion post
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Furthermore, Mr. Leonard could also make the argument that the offer made for the Harrier Jet does not lack specificity because it clearly defines a price at with the Harrier Jet may be purchased. However, the advertisement produced by PepsiCo is just this, an advertisement. “Advertisements for the sale of goods at specified prices are not considered to be offers. Rather, they are treated as being initiations to offer or negotiate” (Mallor, 2019). This definition of an advertisement clearly states that an advertisement with specific terms is not an offer, but instead should be viewed as an invitation. Thus, Mr. Leonard’s attempt to receive a Harrier Jet from PepsiCo by sending in a check for Pepsi Points is not him accepting an offer extended by PepsiCo, but instead his actions constitute an offer from himself to PepsiCo for the purchase of the Harrier Jet. PepsiCo should have expressed to Mr. Leonard that they do not accept his offer to purchase a Harrier Jet from them for the price of $700,008.50.

I do believe the judge was correct in his ruling and furthermore, I believe Mr. Leonard acted with the intent to find a loophole and not on good faith to purchase the Harrier Jet. “No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes” (English Standard Version Bible, 2021, Psalm 101:7). Scripture says that being an intentionally deceitful person is acting against the commands of the Lord. I believe that the laws on advertising are designed to keep intentionally deceitful people from finding loopholes, which intentionally written this way or not, has a strong Christian foundation.

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